Congratulations 2018 Blue Wave Democrats!

We would like to thank every single campaign, staffer, volunteer, supporter, club, organization, and voter for all their hard work and dedication to organizing the biggest blue wave Dallas County has ever seen.

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Meals on Wheels

We're teaming up with Meals on Wheels on Thursday, November 15th!

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DCDP Wishlist

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Meet Our Officials

See who represents Dallas County from the People’s House to the Court House. We’ve compiled elected officials’ websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you don’t have to go looking. 

See Our Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a special group within the Dallas County Democratic Party of elected officials who provide financial and leadership support to the party.  Our elected officials understand that a strong local party is key to their own success during their initial election and subsequent re-elections.  This financial support allows the party to provide more comprehensive voter outreach for candidates and develop expansive “Get Out The Vote” efforts. See the list at this page.