Tillotson Luncheon Councilman Casey Thomas, Dallas City Council District 3

We invite you to join us on Friday, February 21 at 11:45am to hear from Councilman Casey Thomas, Dallas City Council District 3.

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Important Precinct Chair Information

Be sure to check the Elections Section ^^^ of the website to see who has submitted applications for precinct chair. Get yours in today. Monday, December 9, 2019 = Last day of the filing period. Click on "Read More" for a link to the Precinct Chair Application.

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Open Primaries in Texas

Can I vote in both party primaries?

No. Texas has semi-open primaries, meaning you can vote in whichever primary you want and you don’t have to register as a Republican or Democrat. But the “semi” comes from the caveat that you have to vote in the same party’s primary if a race goes to a runoff, which would be May 26.





Senate District Convention Information 


HERE is the Ballot Order for 2020 Primary.


Though the Primary season has only begun, we now know who is running for what. The names and positions of all of our primary candidates are listed HERE.  


Volunteer Deputy Registrars:

 If you haven’t already heard, Dallas County Elections is moving to new facility on 1520 Round Table Drive, Dallas, Texas 75247. Within our new building, we have a new dedicated training facility to host all of our training classes throughout the year. As most of you know, we have had to borrow space to conduct our training classes over the last several years. We are excited to announce that we will finally be conducting our training classes at one central location in our new building.

Along with this transition, we now have a new, simple, electronic pre-registration form for each VDR training class. This form can be accessed on our website and HERE:

Sign up to attend a VDR Class

  VDR Program and information

 CLICK HERE for the new VDR training class schedule for the 2020 election year. 



Meet Our Officials

U.S. Congress

Eddie Bernice Johnson

District 30

Colin Allred

District 32

Marc Veasey

District 33

State of Texas


Nathan Johnson

Senate District 16


Royce West

Senate District 23

Ana-Maria Ramos

House District 102

Rafael Anchía

House District 103

Jessica Gonzalez

House District 104

Terry Meza

House District 105

Victoria Neave

House District 107

Carl Sherman Sr.

House District 109

Toni Rose

House District 110

Yvonne Davis

House District 111

Rhetta Bowers

House District 113

John Turner

House District 114

Julie Johnson

House District 115


Aicha Davis

SBOE District 13

Click here to see the full list of who represents Dallas County from the People’s House to the Court House. We’ve compiled elected officials’ websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you don’t have to go looking. 

See Our Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a special group within the Dallas County Democratic Party of elected officials who provide financial and leadership support to the party.  Our elected officials understand that a strong local party is key to their own success during their initial election and subsequent re-elections.  This financial support allows the party to provide more comprehensive voter outreach for candidates and develop expansive “Get Out The Vote” efforts. See the list at this page.