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219 Candidates Filed For The 2018 Democratic Primary Ballot In Dallas County

A total of 219 candidates filed for the March 6, 2018 Democratic Primary ballot for Dallas County. Of these, 156 filed here in Dallas, and another 63 filed in Austin because they are running statewide or in districts which cross county lines.These huge numbers are all unprecedented, and include many candidates in districts where Democrats have often not run at all for years. Could it be lots of people are thinking 2018 looks like a great year for Democrats? Not just the polls, but the results in Alabama, Virginia, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and many other local and special elections this year are very promising.

A rough count shows these candidates filed for 115 offices, with 59 having no primary opponent, while there are 56 races with two or more candidates. There are some 160 people running for those 56 contested offices, with some races having as many as 10 candidates. Remember that in Texas if no one gets a majority in the primary, there will be a runoff between the top two finishers on May 22.

You can find a list of the filed candidates with their public mailing addresses on the Secretary of State's website at https://webservices.sos.state.tx.us/candidate-filing/cf-report.aspx

We have a list with links to websites and Facebooks and email addresses on our website at our Meet The Candidates For 2018 page at http://dallasdemocrats.org/elections/candidates2018.html This page also lists the order number on the primary ballot for those candidates with primary opponents.

Candidates who filed here in Dallas were listed in chronological order as they did, and with filing pictures when they were received, on stoutdemblog.blogspot.com

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The Leadership Council is a special group within the Dallas County Democratic Party of elected officials who provide financial and leadership support to the party.  Our elected officials understand that a strong local party is key to their own success during their initial election and subsequent re-elections.  This financial support allows the party to provide more comprehensive voter outreach for candidates and develop expansive “Get Out The Vote” efforts. See the list at this page.