Annual Johnson Jordan Dinner

Democrats will gather this June to honor Dallas County elected officials at the 10th Annual Johnson Jordan Dinner

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Burger Bash

Thank you to everyone who came out to Burger Bash!

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The DCDP Store's 2016 Collection

Donate $20.16 and receive our 2016 Collection of T-shirt, DCDP logo decal, Turning Texas Blue bumper sticker, and bluebonnet seed packet!

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In Memory: Phyllis Lister Brown

The Dallas County Democratic Party expresses its deepest condolences to the family of Judge Phyllis Lister Brown, who passed away this morning, May 25, following an illness. She was Judge of the 162nd Civil District Court. Brown was a tremendous jurist and a leader in the community for many years. She touched many lives in a positive way. She will be missed, and we have her example to follow.

From Carol Donovan, DCDP Chair:

As you know, our friend and jurist, Judge Phyllis Lister Brown, passed away on May 25, 2016, the day after the primary runoff election. Many of you attended her funeral last weekend. As difficult as this situation is, we as a Party, need to take steps to fill the vacancy by selecting a new nominee, in accordance with Texas law.

At the County Executive Committee on Monday, June 13, 2016, I will formally announce the vacancy, the applicable procedures, and the date and time of a Special Meeting to elect the replacement nominee. We are currently contacting facilities that can accommodate 200 people, and we are trying to schedule a Special Meeting after the conclusion of the State Convention and the Johnson Jordan Dinner.

Based on Texas law and Party rules, it is the Precinct Chairs of the Dallas County Democratic Party (DCDP) who elect the new nominee for the 162nd District Court. For purposes of this procedure, for the vote to be valid, a quorum of Precinct Chairs must be present at the meeting. A majority of the entire membership of the CEC constitutes a quorum. There is no absentee ballot option for this election. Precinct Chairs eligible to vote include those who were holding office on, and/or were elected by, the date of the vacancy, May 25, 2016. Those appointed after that date are ineligible to vote in the replacement election.

CANDIDATES: We are aware of several individuals who are seeking the nomination. Candidates are encouraged to file an application, which they can obtain at the DCDP office. [NOTE: Candidates applying should give us contact information for posting here and in the Roundup.]

FORUM: The Party will host a brief candidate forum immediately prior to the Special Meeting at which the vote will take place. We would encourage you to contact the party office before planning any additional forum events, out of respect for the process, to reduce the chance of a proliferation of duplicate events, and to keep candidates and Precinct Chairs informed. Thank you for your participation in this important process.


Maricela Moore  Email:  Phone:  214-924-3176

Monica McCoy Purdy  Email:  Phone:  214-783-2696 

Lawrence J. Praeger  Email:  Phone:  214-871-0700

Bridgett N. Whitmore  Email:  Phone:  214-796-9313

The Executive Committee (the Precinct Chairs and County Chair) meeting to nominate the Democratic candidate to replace Judge Brown on the ballot for 162nd Civil District Court will be held Monday, June 27, 2016, at 7 PM, at the Dallas County Schools Technology & Training Center auditorium, 5151 Samuell Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228.

We must have a majority of the Executive Committee present to nominate our replacement candidate. There is already a Republican candidate running for this Judgeship. Unless you want the Republicans to win this spot by default, Precinct Chairs must attend this meeting.

NOTE: According to the Texas Election Code (Sec. 162.015), no person may be the nominee of a political party if they had previously voted in the primary of a different party in that same election year. For example, no one who cast a vote in the 2016 Republican Primary or Runoff would be eligible to receive the Democratic nomination for any office this year.


Meet Our Club of the Month: Stonewall Democrats of Dallas

In June of 2015, the Supreme Court handed down a landmark ruling in the Obergefell case, effectively making same-sex marriage the law of the land. Now, a year later, President Obama has declared June ‘National Pride Month’. In celebration of this historic month, we are proud to recognize the Stonewall Democrats as our club of the month!


Meet Our Officials

See who represents Dallas County from the People’s House to the Court House. We’ve compiled elected officials’ websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you don’t have to go looking.