Election Worker Registry 

We are actively recruiting election workers to be on our registry to be contacted for upcoming elections. We need information concerning applications for judges, alternate judges and clerks for Early Voting Election positions. We also need information about Election Day judges and alternate election judges. Typically, the election day judge for each precinct or grouping of precincts chooses the clerical assistants, without the need for prior background checks or acceptance of employment by Dallas County Elections Department. These are all paid positions. A description of the jobs and application are below:


Job Duties

  •  Enroll on payroll forms for the elections office
  •  Attend training,
  •  Schedule clerks for the length of the voting cycle
  •  Review facilities and open and close facilities
  •  Complete elections paperwork daily or at end of election cycle
  •  Monitor qualifying the voter
  •  Assist voters when needed
  •  Ensure votes are submitted to Dallas County Elections Department or other entity conducting election
  •  Follow all laws and rules of the Texas Elections Code
  •  Available to work all of early voting or a minimum of 12 hours on election day
  •  Have transportation to pickup and deliver votes and supplies


Recruits and schedules clerks (including the political party selected alternate judge) for length of the voting cycle.


  •  These positions are held by Democrats when the Judge is a Republican.
  •  Should the Judge fail to perform duties, the alternate is usually asked to fill-in and all the duties listed above are then required. Acting as a Democratic alternate requires the individual to know all the responsibilities of the Republican judge to ensure that the election is conducted properly and fairly with no interference from outside forces. These are important positions as a number of Republican voting locations need our oversight. Unless the Alternate Judge is promoted to Acting Judge, all duties are the same as the duties of the Election Clerk.


Job Duties

  •  Attend training
  •  Enroll on payroll forms for Dallas County Elections Department or other entity conducting elections
  •  Qualify the voter
  •  Assist the judge or alternate in opening and closing the elections polls and paperwork
  •  Available to work on election day for a minimum of 4 hours up to a maximum of 14 hours, as required by the election judge


  •  Be fluent in Spanish and English and able to translate accurately.


  •  Must be 18 years old or older, and have a social security number
  •  Be registered to vote in Dallas County
  •  May not be an employee or close relative of a candidate on the ballot
  •  Able to grasp election laws defined by Texas Election Code and rules of Dallas County Elections Department or entity conducting election
  •  Able to instruct and monitor employees
  •  Be available for the duration of the election cycle, as agree

One Team Member Must:

  •  Be able to lift 30 lbs 
  •  Be fluent in Spanish and English
  •  Have transportation to pickup supplies,and deliver votes and supplies.