Texas GOP-to-Prison Pipeline

DALLAS -- The Dallas County Democratic Party joins the Texas Democratic Party in voicing our outrage over Ted Cruz's illegal campaign fundraising tactics. In a December fundraiser in Dallas, Ted Cruz campaigners violated election law by asking his supporters to donate unlimited amounts of money and corporate contributions to his super PAC [Dallas Morning News, April 25, 2016].

Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Director Carmen Ayala issued the following statement:

"Texas Republicans think they're above the law. Time and time again, we've seen Texas Republican leaders commit crimes that hurt our taxpayers and threaten the integrity of our state and the country. From Ted Cruz's "good friend" Ken Paxton's two indictments of first degree counts of fraud, Rick Perry's indictment of abuse of official capacity, and Tom Delay's imprisonment for money laundering and conspiracy to Sid Miller's use of taxpayer's dollars for personal trips and JP Bill Metzger's blatant disregard for marriage equality as the law of the land, the GOP rule-breakers must be held accountable."  

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

"Ted Cruz is not fit to lead the country. We deserve a leader who respects and follows the law and who understands that there are legitimate views other than his own. The Texas GOP-to-Prison Pipeline reflects a clear and consistent history of Texas Republican leaders breaking the law to further their own self-interest. Now more than ever, it is crucial that Texas voters elect Democrats across the ballot in every election to restore public trust in government."