Donald Trump and Republicans Disrespect Constitution, Texas Families (¡No Te Dejes, Vota!)

(September 14, 2015)

DALLAS – Today Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is bringing his spectacle of sexism, racism, and hate speech to Dallas.

Trump has called women he disagrees with pigs and bimbos, and called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. The Republican Party of Texas practices from the same playbook, delivering the same anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric to the extremist fringe for years.

The Dallas County Democratic Party supports tonight’s Rally Against Hate and at LULAC’s invitation, Chair Carol Donovan will address the attendees.

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

“Republicans are attacking our families every day. This racist, anti-Latino, anti-immigrant, and anti-woman rhetoric has to stop. Texas Democrats know that we are a nation of immigrants and every child born in America is a United States citizen.”

“Dallas Democrats are the champions of Dallas families and are committed to expanding opportunity for all. We believe that hate has no place in politics. That’s why we continue to fight for higher wages to help families get ahead, strong neighborhood schools for our children, and fair, comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and ensures a pathway to citizenship.”