Dallas Democrats Praise Dallas' 13-Year-Old Equal Rights Ordinance (November 11, 2015)

DALLAS — Yesterday, the Dallas City Council unanimously voted to clarify its 13-year-old equal rights ordinance. The response from local and state Tea Party Republicans has been swift and inaccurate. 

Tea Party State Senator Don Huffines and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick have taken to Twitter and email to blast our Council for unanimously voting to update the voter-approved ordinance. They are making the same ridiculous “men in women’s bathroom arguments” that may work elsewhere in Texas, but not in Dallas. [Dallas Morning News, November 11, 2015]

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

"Senator Huffines should know that Dallas’ ordinance is voter-approved, and it passed with an overwhelming majority of the voters he is supposed to be representing.

Huffines’ and Patrick’s use of Trump-style, divisive politics, and outright lies, may work for them in the Tea Party-run State Senate, but it will never work here in Dallas.

We are proud to support Dallas’ equal rights ordinance, and we are proud of the Dallas City Council and the progressive voters of Dallas County."