Dallas Democrats Stand with Planned Parenthood and Texas Women (November 24, 2015)

DALLAS - The Texas Legislature has consistently challenged women’s right to affordable and accessible healthcare. In 2013, the GOP passed legislation that required abortion providers to get admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. This year, they have again attempted to exclude Planned Parenthood from Medicaid.  

Texans are fighting back. Yesterday, Planned Parenthood and their patients filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas in defense of the 13,500 Texans who receive Medicaid-covered healthcare at their health centers. This case is yet another legal challenge against the Texas Legislature's ongoing attempts to limit women's rights. The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided to consider a case, challenging the newly imposed requirement for admitting privileges.  Similar requirements have already been held unconstitutional in six different states. Planned Parenthood and allies continue to fight the injustice served against Texas women every day. 

Planned Parenthood Federation of America President and Texas native Cecile Richards says: "Women in Texas have fewer rights than they did when I was growing up, and less access to health care."

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

"Our Texas Governor has already limited access to Medicaid for thousands of low income Texas residents. Now he is excluding access to Medicaid funding for women's health clinics that serve low-income women. When will Governor Greg Abbott stop messing with Texas women and start working for ALL the people of Texas?"