Dallas Democrats Win Vast  
Majority of Countywide Elections  
(November 5, 2014)

Embattled District Attorney loses narrowly 

DALLAS - Dallas County Democrats nearly completed a historic fifth-straight sweep of countywide contests, winning all but one race. Despite working with fewer resources than in prior cycles, the Dallas County Democratic Party mounted a fierce ground game, including knocking more than 100,000 doors, calling more than 75,000 homes, and executing targeted mailing projects to shore up support. The local party worked independently of other groups in order to focus on maximizing base straight ticket turnout, the component of the electorate that most reliably propels down-ballot local candidates to victory.

"We're proud to have such a resilient organization," said Party Chair Darlene Ewing. "Our Field Director Jess Weldon and Executive Director Taylor Holden worked very hard. We had amazing DCDP fellows who manned our phone banks, conducted trainings, and organized our block walks. We had professionals work for less and volunteer services. We had major donors who believe in what we do in Dallas County step up. We are a family in Dallas County, and we want to win. For most Democrats on the ticket it worked again."

Other groups were active in Dallas County that were primarily responsible for promoting the Wendy Davis campaign and had different targeting and messaging goals. "Our key responsibility is winning for the local candidates who participate in our coordinated campaign," said Ewing. "I can't tell you how many base voters thanked us for not taking them for granted. We asked for their vote."

"We are sorry to have lost the DA race," said Ewing. "District Attorney Watkins has made historic contributions to justice in Dallas County and beyond. This was a difficult year and he had a target on him, so it was a tough campaign for him."

Winning countywide contested candidates include Judge D'Metria Benson, Judge Sally Montgomery, County Judge Clay Jenkins, judicial candidate Jennifer Bennett, judicial candidate Brandon Birmingham, judicial candidate Lisa Green, candidate for District Clerk Felicia Pitre, County Clerk John Warren, County Treasurer candidate Pauline Medrano, judicial candidate Stephanie Mitchell. Judge Ken Molberg, who sought a place on the Fifth District Court of Appeals, was not successful, but contributed significantly to the Dallas County coordinated campaign.