Dallas Democrats Echo Calls Across Texas for AG Ken Paxton to Resign (August 3, 2015)

DALLAS – Today three felony indictments were unsealed against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Also today, finally, the Texas GOP broke its radio silence about his multiple felony charges by insulting the Texas Rangers and citizens of Collin County.

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

“I am concerned by the statement issued today by the Texas GOP, accusing the Collin County Grand Jury of being unfair and partisan, especially when the majority of Collin County voters are Republican. To now belittle the indictments by criticizing the Grand Jury is an affront to the entire Texas legal system, which Ken Paxton, as the Texas AG, is supposed to uphold.”

“Paxton has admitted breaking the law. With three felony indictments hanging over his head, he cannot effectively or credibly enforce the laws of Texas or otherwise perform the duties of his office as Texas Attorney General.”