Dallas Democrats Call on District Attorney Susan Hawk to Resign

Hawk Must Focus on Getting Better (October 4, 2015)

DALLAS — Today it was revealed that during District Attorney Susan Hawk's lengthy absence from work, she was involuntarily committed at a Houston psychiatric hospital. Her employees did not disclose this fact during the commitment, nor did Hawk disclose the fact at a press conference Thursday that was called to say she was returning to work. [D Magazine, October 4, 2015]

In her few short months in office, she has ended careers, and thrown others into a limbo of paranoia and instability.

Her absence was preceded by multiple firings of key employees and reports of a volatile and erratic environment at the DA’s office, including reports of forced loyalty oaths, employees hiding in their offices, and misappropriations of public funds for the DA's personal expenditures.

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

"Susan and her employees have repeatedly not told the truth about her troubles and her whereabouts. Now we learn that just weeks ago, our top law enforcement official was involuntarily committed after threatening to kill herself.

Susan owes it to herself, not to mention her employees and the taxpayers, to resign and to concentrate on getting well."