Dallas County Deserves Better Than Empty Chairs, Mistrust at DA’s Office (September 21, 2015)

DALLAS – News broke this weekend of a seventh key employee fired or forced out of the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, as well as allegations of repeated attempts by DA Susan Hawk to misuse public money, and new allegations of Hawk’s paranoia over staff loyalty. [Dallas Morning News, September 20, 2015]

In August, after already missing 3-1/2 weeks of work with no explanation to the public, Hawk announced that she was battling depression and needed four more weeks for treatment. She was expected back the week of August 24. Then, this week, and today, she said she’ll be back next month.

Before her unexplained absence, Hawk admitted to previous prescription drug abuse and accused a prosecutor of breaking into her home to take compromising photos of her. She has continued to fire top employees in the District Attorney's office. [Dallas Morning News, August 22, 2015]

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

“Publicizing an internal staff memo against a fired employee, who alleges wrong-doing, smacks of retribution.

The level of dysfunction being reported by county employees is beyond troubling. Dallas County taxpayers are left to wonder what on Earth is next.

While we sympathize with anyone who is experiencing an illness, perhaps, it would be best for Ms. Hawk, as well as the county, for her to step aside and concentrate on getting well. The citizens of Dallas County deserve to have someone in the role of the District Attorney who is showing up for work and doing the job she was elected to do.

There are those who argue that the DA's office is, or can be, running itself, without the DA. However, the citizens of Dallas County elected a district attorney to lead that office. Dallas County deserves better than the empty chair in her office, and the increasing number of empty chairs of fired top employees.”