Dallas County Democrats Field Candidates For Every State House District (December 14, 2015)

DALLAS - The Dallas County Democratic Party has fielded candidates for every State House district in Dallas County. Democrats in competitive house district races are poised to take advantage of typically greater turnout during presidential cycles and the full support of the local party and other groups. Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan stated, "the local party worked tirelessly to find outstanding candidates and contest every seat. North Texans want representatives who will fight for real Texas values, like funding for healthcare and education. The willingness of Democrats to step up to the plate to run strong campaigns is inspiring."

The full slate of Dallas County Democrats running for state house is as follows:

HD100: Hon. Eric Johnson
HD102: Laura Irvin
HD103: Hon. Rafael Anchia
HD104: Hon. Roberto Alonzo, Sr.
HD105: Terry Meza
HD107: Victoria Neave
HD 108: Joe Farkus
HD 109: Hon. Helen Giddings
HD 110: Hon. Toni Rose
HD 111: Hon. Yvonne Davis
HD 112: Jack Blackshear
HD 113: Rhetta Bowers
HD 114: Jim Burke
HD 115: Dorotha Ocker