Our Party


Dallas Democrats are committed to expanding opportunity for every Dallas County resident. That commitment is reflected by the agenda set by our elected officials who are fighting for a fair economy that works for everyone, access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and an accountable government. If comprehensive immigration reform, criminal justice and policing reform, voting rights, women's rights, equal pay, clean drinking water and clean air are important to you, vote for every Democrat!



Dallas Democrats have never backed down from breaking down barriers to the future. Leaders like Hon. Juanita Craft, who was the first Black woman to vote in Dallas County, fought to end public segregation and integrate schools. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson is the first Black woman ever elected to public office from Dallas and the first woman to chair a major Texas House committee.



We have always been committed to fighting for every Texan. Dallas Senator Oscar Mauzy helped lead the challenge for single member representation in Dallas County and was a key factor in numerous educational reforms, including the first school funding bill that addressed inequality. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jim Mattox, "The People's Lawyers", took on wealthy corporations and fought for ethics reform in the Legislature. 



Local activists have always pushed hard to achieve progress and make wave, like Adelfa Callejo, known as "La Madrina," championed Hispanic involvement, civil rights, and access to education. Governor Ann Richards helped to found the North Dallas Democratic Women in the 1960s, before being elected Travis County Commissioner in 1976, State Treasurer in 1982 and Governor in 1990. As Governor, she diversified the halls of government and passed numerous reforms.

As Democrats, we have fought to bring you Social Security, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and the Affordable Care Act. We've broken glass ceilings and elected historic leaders like Franklin Roosevelt,  John Kennedy, and Barack Obama. We are in the fight for building an America that allows anyone to work hard and achieve the American Dream. We are committed to building a more perfect union, together.

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