About the DCDP

The Dallas County Democratic Party is a county-level organization that is responsible for organizing the Democratic Primary, working to elect Democratic candidates, and supporting the grassroots. Since 2006, the Dallas County Coordinated Campaign has been a statewide model for maintaining a nearly perfect winning streak and providing support for Democratic candidates to turn out the vote in Dallas County.

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The official head of the Dallas County Democratic Party is the County Chair, who is elected during the Democratic Primary every two years.  The County Chair is responsible for developing the policies and goals on which the party will focus during the next election and beyond. 

The DCDP is also comprised of the "County Executive Committee," also known as "precinct chairs". Precinct Chairs are responsible for representing the Democratic Party in their precinct and helping get out the vote for the Democratic ticket.

The Party Secretary is elected by the members of the Executive Committee.  The role of the Party Secretary is to record the minutes of each Executive Committee meeting, and to assist the County Chair in running the Executive Committee meeting.  The Party Treasurer is ultimately responsible for party finances and ensures that the DCDP complies with State and Federal law.



Carol Donovan

Party Chair


Colleen Martin

Administrative Director


Joanna Cattanach

Development Director


Bonnie Mathias

Elections Team Director


Debbie Moses

Elections Team.

Tiffany Mettam

Social Media Director


Josh Cogan

Outreach Director


Zulikha Hussain

Muslim Outreach


Kenneth Williams

Party Secretary

David Bradley

Party Treasurer


State Democratic Executive Committee

If you have spent time working with the Dallas County Democratic Party or attended an Executive Meeting, you probably have heard the term “SDEC” being mentioned. SDEC stands for State Democratic Executive Committee; it is a special body created by the Texas Democratic Party and meets quarterly. The State Democratic Executive Committee's mission is to: "Carry on the activities of the Party between State Conventions in compliance with the law and with the directives of the Convention." 

The SDEC is composed of elected TDP officers, one female and one male representative from each of Texas' 31 Senate Districts (SDs), one female and one male representative from the Asian American Democrats, Coalition of Black Democrats, County Chairs Association, Democrats with Disabilities, Hispanic Caucus, Non-Urban/Ag Caucus, Stonewall Democrats, Texas Democratic Women (two female representatives), Texas Environmental Democrats and Texas Young Democrats. Democratic National Committee members also attend SDEC meetings. SDEC Members are elected every two years by delegates to the State Convention.

More concise information about the SDEC can be found at this link

Current SDEC Members from Dallas County



Kendall Scudder
Senate District 2

(903) 243-2555

Cristan Shamburger
Senate District 2

(903) 461-4102

Joel Montfort
Senate District 8

(214) 336-6337

Rebecca Arredondo
Senate District 8


(214) 354-7185


Gracie Cortez
Senate District 9

Grand Prairie
(214) 926-0246


Joel Fryar
Senate District 9

North Richland Hills
(817) 437-9563

Susan Bradley

Senate District 16

(214) 718-5808

David Griggs
Senate District 16

(214) 244-5979

Jeff Strater
Senate District 23

(214) 893-1336

Shay Wyrick-Cathey 
Senate District 23

(214) 850-9285

DCDP Committees & Councils

The Committees & Councils of the DCDP carry out assignments, provide recommendations regarding formal policies, programs and procedures to the DCDP Chair for the activities of the Party, and monitor implementation of these adopted recommendations. Committees are appointed by the DCDP Chair (with the exception of the Advisory Council) and councils may include individuals and/or groups outside the DCDP. The Executive Committee and Chair may also create ad hoc committees as needed to provide recommendations regarding policies not within the purview of a standing committee. An example of an ad hoc committee would be the Rules Committee, to review DCDP party rules and make recommendations to help streamline the organization. The chair of each standing committee must be a Precinct Chair, and is appointed by the DCDP Chair. Members of each committee may be appointed by the DCDP Chair and recruited Committee members shall be: 1) Democrats 2) persons with knowledge or expertise related to the specific committee to which they are appointed; and individuals who are committed to the principles and platform of the Democratic Party.

Committee Name



Advisory Council David Bradley dwbradley@sbcglobal.net
Community Council Soraya Santos & Rollin Gary
Precinct Chair Matters Joy Brady jbrady1716@gmail.com
Finance David Bradley dwbradley@sbcglobal.net

DCDP Advisory Council

The Advisory Council coordinates the development and adoption of policies by the DCDP standing committees, and reports its recommendations to the Executive Committee. In addition, the Advisory Council provides advice and counsel to the Chair of the DCDP.  The Executive Committee created the Advisory Council in 2005 to assist in the reorganization of the Dallas County Democratic Party.  Since that time, the Advisory Council has taken on the role of providing oversight for other party committees.

The goals of the Advisory Council are

  • Provide advice and counsel to the Dallas County Democratic Chair
  • Coordinate the development and adoption of policy for the DCDP
  • Provide support to the DCDP as requested by the Party Chair or Executive Committee
  • Establish, govern, and dissolve committees to assist this support.

When does the Advisory Council meet?

The Advisory Council meets at the offices of the Dallas County Democratic Party on the first Thursday of every month.  Meetings are open for any Democrat to attend and listen.  However, only representatives of the Advisory Council itself may vote on measures brought forth to the council.  Please check the DCDP's Community Calendar for the next upcoming Advisory Council meeting.  Alternate members vote only when they are replacing an absent representative from their district.

How can I join the Advisory Council?

Members to the Advisory Council are elected by the Executive Committee.  A full election for every member on the Council takes place during the first quarter of every odd-numbered year.  The Executive Committee will hold an election in between this period in order to fill vacant seats on the Advisory Council.  Members of the Executive Committee will break into caucuses based on Texas House District.  Members elected to the Advisory Council serve for a term of two years, but can run for re-election every two years.  There are no limits on the number of terms a member can serve.

Where can I find the Official By-Laws for the DCDP Advisory Council?

All documents relating to By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the DCDP are kept under the section DCDP Party By-Laws under Resources.  The By-Laws document goes into much greater detail about the Advisory Council than the general summary provided on this page.  If you are interested in joining the Advisory Council, we strongly suggest you review the Advisory Council's By-Laws document to better understand its rules and requirements.  You can find the documented By-Laws at this link: DCDP Advisory Council By-Laws.

Advisory Council Members (2019-2021)

2019-2021 Advisory Council Member Roster
Precinct House District Name Phone Number Email
1054 100 (Member) Christi Rodgers 214-321-1160 witterodgers@yahoo.com
1308 100 (Member) Fernando Rojas 214-718-8006 fj.rojas@sbcglobal.net
1059 100 (Alternate 1) Erica Cole 214-298-2362 e.altescole@yahoo.com
3018 100 (Alternate 2) Cydney Walker 469-274-9255 dieterjordan18@gmail.com
1026 102 (Member) Angela Heath 469-713-6503 aljoheath2@gmail.com
2045 102 (Alternate) Anne Slatter 214-797-6573 anneslat@sbcglobal.net
4017 103 (Member) David Fisher 323-547-0798 getactivetoo@yahoo.com
4074 103 (Alternate) Sylvia Lagos 214-207-7067 sylvia.lagos57@gmail.com
4061 104 (Member) Russell Garner 214-537-5859 rgarner1@live.com
4035 104 (Member) Roberto Alonzo, Jr. 214-329-3397 ralonzojr@hotmail.com
104 (Alternate 1) (Vacant)
104 (Alternate 2) (Vacant)
4624 105 (Member) David Bradley 214-213-1994 dwbradley@sbcglobal.net
4611 105 (Alternate) Dick Dobson 214-629-7227 ddobson.dem@verizon.net
1718 107 (Member) Peggy McCarty 214-794-4871 pmccarty3@verizon.net
3312 107 (Alternate) John Davenport 972-613-7760 jbdmediation@gmail.com
1073 108 (Member) Cheri Ball-Meza 214-729-8502 feministfirst@gmail.com
2038 108 (Alternate) Annette Krausse 214-507-1283 dallasprecinct2038@gmail.com
3802 109 (Member) Carolyn Morris 469-261-5241 ppca@sbcglobal.net
3059 109 (Member) Eleasia Lewis 214-679-8746 eleasial@sbcglobal.net
3613 109 (Alternate 1) Patricia Ledbetter 214-762-0219 patricia_ledbetter@oxy.com
3068 109 (Alternate 2) Gail Terrell 214-374-6304 gailterrell.dist8@gmail.com
1314 110 (Member) Lisa Williams 214-718-5065 lisaw19692@gmail.com
1093 110 (Member) Camile White 972-288-5369 cadewhite@aol.com
1092 110 (Alternate 1) Herlinda Resendiz 214-714-1886 lizbethresendiz38@gmail.com
3072 110 (Alternate 2) Marsha Jackson 214-773-9063 mnmchevy@sbcglobal.net
3057 111 (Member) Frederick Lewis 214-293-8670 fdl@a1legal.us
3046 111 (Member) Beatrice Lovett 214-704-3414 lovett3046@gmail.com
3092 111 (Alternate 1) Eyvern Edwards 214-339-0525 eyvernedwards1@yahoo.com
4046 111 (Alternate 2) Johnny Aguinaga 214-718-2242 johnny4dallas@gmail.com
2700 112 (Member) Rachel Baker Ford 972-530-6484 multismus@aol.com
2708 112 (Alternate) Laura Hawkins 469-540-1014 laurah_65@hotmail.com
1716 113 (Member) Joy Brady 972-240-7490 jbrady1716@gmail.com
3500 113 (Alternate) Jennifer Farmer 972-900-1413 jenn_jenn77092@yahoo.com
2020 114 (Member) Rollin Gary 214-676-8304 dchair2020@gary-garcia.net
2066 114 (Alternate) Scott Hadden 214-616-9930 filmvid@pipeline.com
2305 115 (Member) Paul Heller 972-261-8696 psheller@gmail.com
2806 115 (Alternate) Terry Barker 972-795-1636 terry.barker@tx.rr.com
DCDP Party Chair Carol Donovan 214-821-8331 carol@dallasdemocrats.org
DCDP Administrative Director Colleen Martin 214-821-8331 colleen@dallasdemocrats.org
DCDP Treasurer David Bradley 214-213-1994 dwbradley@sbcglobal.net
AC Scribe Tracy Clinton 214-801-4346 tpclinton@gmail.com
AC Parliamentarian (Vacant)
AC TDP Liaison Susan Bradley 214-718-5808 hypatiasm@earthlink.net

Precinct Chair Matters

The Precinct Chair Matters (PCM) committee’s operational responsibilities are to recruit, train, energize and retain qualified Precinct Chairs. The PCM members are representatives from a Neighborhood within Dallas County who assist and guide Precinct Chairs in the performance of their duties. The PCM committee coordinates with the Advisory Council and functions as a task force at the discretion of the County Chair. Efforts to increase voter turnout are through building teams with other Precinct Chairs and partnering with Party campaigns, including Coordinated Campaigns, to support candidates at the House District level. 

Precinct Chair Matters Committee Members 

House District Member Phone Email Neighborhood
102 Leanne Baird 214-693-6656 Far North Dallas
102 Don Bean 214-660-4305 Richardson
103 Tim West (Senior) 469-279-7365 twestpct3086@gmail.com Love Field / West Dallas
104 Roberto Alonzo, Jr. 214-329-3397 ralonzojr@hotmail.com Dallas - Central Oak Cliff
105 Lydia Alcalan  972-262-5903 lalcalan@gmail.com Grand Prairie
105 Bob Sheaks (Senior) 214-600-2582 rsheaks@flash.net Irving
108 Liz Wally (Senior) 214-821-2237 elizawally@gmail.com Dallas - Old East
108 Dorothy Mundy 214-629-7589 Dorothy.mundy@mindspring.com University Park/Highland Park
109 Connie Cook (Senior) 330-465-6259 lunacy@bright.net Cedar Hill
109 Carolyn Morris 972-227-8608 ppca@sbcglobal.net Lancaster / Wilmer-Hutchins
110 Lisa Williams 214-718-5065 LisaWPct1314@gmail.com Mesquite
110 Herlinda Resendiz 469-826-7330 Lizbethresendiz38@gmail.com Dallas - Pleasant Grove
110 Camile White (Senior) 972-288-5369 cadewhite@aol.com Dallas - Pleasant Grove
111 Beatrice Lovett (Senior) 214-704-3414 lovett3046@gmail.com Red Bird, Duncanville, Desoto
112 Annette Krausse (Senior) 214-507-1283 dallasprecinct2038@gmail.com Garland, Sachse
113 Joy Brady (Senior) 972-240-7490 jbrady1716@gmail.com Garland, Rowlett, Sunnyvale
114 Rollin Gary (Senior) 214-739-3358 dchair2020@gary-garcia.net Dallas – North
115 Paul Heller (Senior) 972-620-1703 psheller@tx.rr.com Farmers Branch, Addison
107 Fernando Rojas 972-279-9462 lulacmesquite@gmail.com Mesquite 

Party By-Laws and Rules

The Dallas County Democratic Party is governed by the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party. They set forth the process for electing local party officials, including Precinct Chairs, and rules applying to all levels of the Democratic Party, including committees and sub-committees. The Dallas County Democratic Party has also adopted additional rules, by-laws, and official policies by vote of the DCDP Executive Committee. For more information about Party Rules and by-laws, please contact the Dallas County Democratic Party office at 214-821-8331.

DCDP Policy on Endorsements, Warnings, and Issue Resolutions (adopted 2007)

A.           The Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee will not make endorsements or warnings in Democratic Primaries or in non-partisan elections.

B.           Issue Resolutions (Not related to candidates):

               1.            A resolution proposed at a County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting with no previous notice will automatically be postponed until the next meeting unless 3/4 of the CEC members in attendance vote to consider it at that same meeting.

               2.            Any resolution must receive a vote of 2/3 of the CEC members in attendance to be successfully passed by the body.

C.           No Party official may present as the official position of the party any warning or resolution on an issue, except if passed as in Part B above or for courtesy resolutions.

DCDP Online Privacy Policy (adopted 2005)

The Dallas County Democratic Party (DCDP) is committed to protecting your personal privacy online. Following are our procedures and policies for collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

The DCDP website can only collect your personal information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, if you choose to provide it. Merely visiting the site and browsing our pages does not provide personal identifying information. Our servers do note your IP number, which indicates what Internet location you are using to connect to our site. This is very common; all websites collect IP information in order to improve server performance, track page usage, and protect from intrusion and abuse such as hacking. Your IP number is not connected to personal information such as name or phone number.

If we receive your email address or you request to join our e-mail newsletter, send us e-mail or messages through our site, or make a contribution, we will have access to the information you provide at that time. It may be made available to DCDP staff so that they can help respond to your request and send updates about news or events. If you join our e-mail newsletter, you will be provided in each email with information about how to unsubscribe and stop receiving e-mails.

It is the general policy of the DCDP not to make personal information available to anyone other than its employees or agents who need to know that information in the course of their duties. However, the DCDP is required to disclose information regarding its contributions to comply with campaign finance laws. For example, Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

This site does not ask for or knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.

While we make every attempt to insure that the third party sites to which we link contain accurate and timely information, we cannot be held responsible for content at other websites.

We will not sell email contact information provided through this website to unrelated third parties. The DCDP may need to update this online privacy policy in the future. Any changes to this text will appear at the same location