Current Dallas County Democratic Elected Officials

This is a list of currently elected Democratic officials from Dallas County. We greatly appreciate the hard work that they do to support Democrats throughout Dallas County, and their help to build a stronger and larger Democratic majority. We look forward to working with each of these officials as they serve Dallas County.

 U.S. Congress

Eddie Bernice Johnson

District 30

Colin Allred

District 32

Marc Veasey

District 33

 State of Texas



Nathan Johnson

Senate District 16


Royce West

Senate District 23

Jasmine Crockett

House District 100


Ana-Maria Ramos

House District 102

Rafael Anchía

House District 103

Jessica Gonzalez

House District 104

Terry Meza

House District 105

Victoria Neave

House District 107

Carl Sherman Sr.

House District 109


Toni Rose

House District 110

Rep. Yvonne Davis announces $500,000 Urban Scholarship Fund

Yvonne Davis

House District 111

Rhetta Bowers

House District 113

John Turner

House District 114

Julie Johnson

House District 115

Aicha Davis

State Board of Education District 13


Fifth Court of Appeals

Robert Burns

Chief Justice

Robbie Partida-Kipness

Place 2

Erin Nowell

Place 5

Bill Pedersen

Place 9

Amanda Reichek

Place 10

Cory Carlyle

Place 11

Ken Molberg

Place 12

Leslie Lester Osborne

Place 13

Dallas County Civil Courts and Courts at Law

Eric Moyé

14th Civil District

Bonnie Lee Goldstein

44th Civil District


Martin Hoffman 

68th Civil District



 Staci Williams

101st Civil District

Tonya Parker

116th Civil District

Dale Tillery

134th Civil District


Aiesha Redmond

160th Civil District

Maricela Moore

162nd Civil District

 Gena Slaughter

191st Civil District

Craig Smith
192nd Civil District

Bridgett Whitmore

193rd Civil District

Emily Tobolowsky

298th Civil District

D'Metria Benson

County Court at Law No. 1


Melissa Bellan

County Court at Law No. 2

Sally Montgomery

County Court at Law No. 3


Paula Rosales

County Court at Law No. 4

Mark Greenberg

County Court at Law No. 5


 Dallas County Probate Courts

Brenda Hull Thompson

County Probate Court No. 1

Ingrid Michelle Warren

County Probate Court No. 2

Margaret Jones-Johnson

County Probate Court No. 3

 Dallas County Family and Juvenile Courts


 Kim Cooks

255th Family District Court

David Lopez

256th Family District Court 

Mary Brown 

301st Family District Court

Sandra Jackson

302nd Family District Court

Dennise Garcia

303rd Family District Court

Andrea Plumlee

330th Family District Court

Andrea Martin Lane

304th Juvenile District Court

Cheryl Lee Shannon
305th Juvenile District Court

 Dallas County Criminal Courts

Ernest White III

194th Criminal District Court

Hector Garza

195th Criminal District Court

Raquel Jones

203rd Criminal District Court

Tammy Kemp

204th Criminal District Court

Jennifer Bennett

265th Criminal District Court

Amber Givens-Davis

282nd Criminal District Court


Lela Mays

283rd Criminal District Court

Stephanie Mitchell
291st Criminal District Court

Brandon Birmingham

292nd Criminal District Court

Tracy Holmes

363rd Criminal District Court

Tina Clinton

Criminal District Court No. 1

Nancy Kennedy

Criminal District Court No. 2


Gracie Lewis

Criminal District Court No. 3

Dominique Collins

Criminal District Court No. 4

Carter Thompson

Criminal District Court No. 5

Jeanine Howard

Criminal District Court No. 6


Chika Anyiam

Criminal District Court No. 7

Dan Patterson

County Criminal Court No. 1

Julia Hayes

County Criminal Court No. 2

Audrey Moorehead

County Criminal Court No. 3

Nancy Mulder

County Criminal Court No. 4

Lisa Green

County Criminal Court No. 5

Angela King

County Criminal Court No. 6

Remeko Tranisha Edwards

County Criminal Court No. 7

Carmen White

County Criminal Court No. 8


Peggy Hoffman

County Criminal Court No. 9

Etta J Mullin

County Criminal Court No. 10

Shequitta Kelly 
County Criminal Court 
No. 11

Kristin Wade

County Criminal Court
of Appeals, No. 1 


Pamela Luther

County Criminal Court 
of Appeals, No. 2

 Dallas County Administrators and Sheriff 


John Creuzot

District Attorney

Clay Jenkins

County Judge

Felicia Pitre

District Clerk

John Warren

County Clerk

Pauline Medrano

County Treasurer

John Ames

Tax Assessor Collector

Marian Brown 

County Sheriff

 Dallas County Commissioners Court 

Dr. Theresa Daniel
County Commissioner
Precinct 1

John Wiley Price
County Commissioner
Precinct 3

Dr. Elba Garcia
County Commissioner
Precinct 4

 Dallas County Justices of the Peace  

Thomas Jones

Precinct 1, Place 1

Valencia Nash

Precinct 1, Place 2

Margaret O'Brien

Precinct 2, Place 1

KaTina Whitfield

Precinct 2, Place 2

Mike Jones

Precinct 4, Place 1

Sasha Moreno

Precinct 4, Place 2

Sara Martinez

Precinct 5, Place 1

Juan Jasso

Precinct 5, Place 2

 Dallas County Constables

Tracey Gulley

Precinct 1

Bill Gipson, II
Precinct 2

Edward Wright

Precinct 5

Michael Orozco

Precinct 5

Federal, State & Dallas County Elected Officials

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