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Metrocrest Democrats

Monday August 13, 2018, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

New New Buffet, 3822 Belt Line Rd., Addison, TX 75001

March 11, 2019:  We aren't having a speaker for this meeting.  It is a social meeting  intended for us to talk about what we can and are willing to do as a club going forward, how we can develop our messaging in our area and support our candidates and secure the gains made in the last election.

We need to start preparing for the  2020 elections today.

We are in the fortunate position of having to RE-ELECT candidates who are already working hard to help the people of their districts.  OUR DEMOCRATIC ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE WORKING IN A BIPARTISAN FASHION TO CREATE SOLUTIONS TO  REAL ISSUES after unseating Republicans who largely ignored the priorities of the residents of our Texas House districts especially with regard to our concerns with school funding, toll roads, and municipal control, while focusing on voter suppression, bathroom bills, and building their own political coffers through the support they gave to special interests in our state.

Starting now we need to ask ourselves how we can help them win reelection. There are many ways, whether through financial support, walking, calling, writing  postcards, texting, showing up at meetings and rallies and of course talking to our friends and neighbors.  We as a group take the time to focus on issues and candidates, and not everyone can do that. Many others--in school, starting  and building careers and families, dealing with health issues,  pulled in every direction--are really just distracted by life.  Before all the walking, calling etc., starts we can start opening lines of constructive communication with people  within our circle who might be open to hearing that we Democrats, while focused on social issues and what some might call moral priorities, are actually pursuing policies designed to improve our schools, students and  communities,  lower taxes, and provide wider, more equitable and efficient access to  healthcare in a world of insurance companies, in/out of networks, and rising copays.  The policies we pursue will have a direct, positive economic impact on these issues if adopted.

We also need to work to educate our traditional Democratic voters to changes in the voting process. Next year will be the first time in most of our memories that the option to vote a Straight Ticket (all the candidates from one party elected with a single vote) will NOT be available.  Instead, if we want to elect ALL of the Democratic candidates, from the top to bottom of the ballot, we will need  to choose each one individually.  As you might imagine, this could adversely affect all down ballot races, and the judicial and county-wide races, State Appeals Courts and statewide races.

Metrocrest Democrats -- (6 PM eat and mingle, 7 PM meeting, New New Buffet, 3822 Belt Line Rd., Addison, TX 75001) (Southeast corner of Marsh Lane and Beltline Rd. at the east end of the shopping area that includes Kroger.)