Meet Our August Club of the Month: North Dallas Texas Democratic Women

In August of 1920, after years of discrimination and protest, the 19th amendment was ratified and women were finally given the right to vote. Nearly 100 years later, the North Dallas Texas Democratic Women Club upholds all of the values that the suffragettes fought for and have become one of the largest clubs chartered with the Texas Democratic Women. 

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Meet One of Our Communications Interns: Alden Marshall

July 13, 2016

 I was first introduced to politics when my school streamed President Obama’s historic inauguration over our school TV’s -- however at that time I was on the other side of the political aisle (at least as much as my 5th grade self could tell). Then high school came around and by my sophomore year, I knew I was a Democrat. Now, 3 years later, I’m an intern with the Dallas County Democratic Party, a national delegate to Philadelphia later this month, and a counselor at Texas Boys State! 

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Meet One of Our Communications Interns: Laura Gumz

July 5, 2016

My political journey started when I was a sophomore at Lake Highlands High School and I joined the Lake Highlands High School Young Democrats Club. Two years later I was elected president of the club and began working as a field fellow with the Dallas Democrats. Now, I’ve come back to work with the Dallas Democrats as a Communications Intern following my first year of college at The University of Washington - Seattle.

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Views From the World

We want to show off our Dallas Democratic pride around the world through pictures! 


Trump and Republicans Disrespect Constitution, Texas Families

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stopped in Dallas on Monday. His spectacle of sexism, racism, and hate speech was countered by an estimated 4,000 protesters, which included hundreds of Dallas Democrats, Democratic elected officials, and DCDP Chair Carol Donovan.

Donovan issued the following statement:

“Dallas Democrats are the champions of Dallas families and are committed to expanding opportunity for all. We believe that hate has no place in politics. That’s why we continue to fight for higher wages to help families get ahead, strong neighborhood schools for our children, and fair, comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and ensures a pathway to citizenship.”

Thank you to everyone who came out to LULAC’s “Rally Against Hate” to show Trump that Dallas Democrats do not support his anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric, which comes straight from the same playbook that the Republican Party of Texas has been practicing from for years.

Dallas Democrats Echo Calls Across Texas for AG Ken Paxton to Resign

Three felony indictments were unsealed against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on August 3.

Also that day, finally, the Texas GOP broke its radio silence about his multiple felony charges by insulting the Texas Rangers and citizens of Collin County.

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan issued the following statement:

“I am concerned by the statement issued today by the Texas GOP, accusing the Collin County Grand Jury of being unfair and partisan, especially when the majority of Collin County voters are Republican. To now belittle the indictments by criticizing the Grand Jury is an affront to the entire Texas legal system, which Ken Paxton, as the Texas AG, is supposed to uphold.”

“Paxton has admitted breaking the law. With three felony indictments hanging over his head, Ken Paxton cannot effectively or credibly enforce the laws of Texas or otherwise perform the duties of his office as Texas Attorney General.”

More photos from today's rally at our Facebook:

Carol Donovan Elected Chair

The executive committee of the Dallas County Democratic Party has elected Carol Donovan as interim chair.

After a decade of service, Darlene Ewing resigned to run for 254th Family District Court Judge. Ewing served as chair for more than a decade, and was the most successful Democratic Party leader of this era.

“We’ve done what they said couldn’t be done – and much more,” said Ewing. “It’s been an honor to serve and I’m excited for the future,” she said.

“It’s been a historic week for our country and our county, and we’re going to keep the momentum going,” said Donovan. “After today’s election, I know Democrats will come together, because when we work together, we win,” she said.

The change of leadership is effective Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Marriage Equality Comes to Texas

The Supreme Court once and for all has affirmed same-sex marriage as a constitutional right. States may not ban same-sex marriage and states must recognize marriages performed legally in other states.
Dallas County Clerk John Warren made headlines weeks ago by saying he’ll issue marriage licenses immediately upon today’s decision, while Republican clerks in other Texas counties said they’d wait until an undetermined time for state-issued forms.
“While dozens of states recognize marriage equality, Texas has gone out of its way to make our gay and lesbian neighbors second-class citizens – that ends today,” said Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Darlene Ewing.  “Let Republican elected officials dig their heels in and show voters which century they want to live in. We choose progress and equality,” she said.

Thanks to Outgoing Chair Darlene Ewing!

For more than a decade Chair Darlene Ewing has served Dallas County Democrats, doing the work of ally coordination, candidate recruitment, fundraising, voter registration and education, and turnout at election time.

Help us thank her for her years of service by signing her online thank you card.

Executive Director Stepping Down

Executive Director Taylor Holden has accepted a position with New Era Colorado, a progressive nonprofit that engages young people in the political process and runs issues-based campaigns, effective July 9.

An interim chair to replace Darlene Ewing will likely be elected June 27. It will be the incoming chair's decision on how and when they begin the process of filling the executive director position.

"Working with Dallas County Democratic Party volunteers, staff, and elected officials to improve the lives of Texans has been one of the highlights of my life," said Taylor Holden. "Thank you all for working alongside me and teaching me more about community organizing than I could have imagined. You made Dallas home."

Welcome New Communications 
Intern Tessa McGlynn

Her political career began only a few years ago, and she’s progressed from an enthusiastic volunteer to a Party leader. Our new Communications Intern Tessa McGlynn is a precinct chair, Advisory Council member, and president of the UTD College Democrats.


Dallas Democrats Win All But One Countywide Elections

 Dallas County Democrats nearly completed a historic fifth-straight sweep of countywide contests, winning all but one race. Despite working with fewer resources than in prior cycles, the Dallas County Democratic Party mounted a fierce ground game, including knocking more than 100,000 doors, calling more than 75,000 homes, and executing targeted mailing projects to shore up support. The local party worked independently of other groups in order to focus on maximizing base straight ticket turnout, the component of the electorate that most reliably propels down-ballot local candidates to victory.


Dallas County Democratic Party 
on NBC 5's "Lone Star Politics" 

Catch NBC 5's "Lone Star Politics" August 10th taping?

Watch Executive Director Taylor Holden talk about our winning ticket and issues that matter to you.

Click here to view online: Lone Star Politics, August 10, 2014

Thousands of Voters Get Calls from
Wendy Davis and Dallas Democrats

More than 100 dedicated Dallas Democrats braved temperatures near 100 to fill both volunteer rooms and our parking lot at our Wendy Davis phone bank and volunteer appreciation. 


Please Welcome Our New 
Comms Intern Wesley Lue

Meet Wesley Lue, our new Communications Intern. Wesley is currently a student at the University of Texas at Arlington and is majoring in Economics and minoring in Business Administration.

His first week was last week and it was a busy and exciting one!


DCDP Helped Confirm that
I Want to Work in Public Service

"I became an expert at researching issues that affect Texas families. I came away from the experience a much more aware individual. I gained skills that have benefitted me in my professional life as well as my academics. Most importantly, it helped me realize that a career in public service is what I want to pursue after graduation."

Alex is a DCDP alumna, now working in Washington, DC. She invites you to join our team.


I Got Involved Because 
I Want to do My Part

"I got involved because I want to do my part. Instead of being on the sidelines, I want to be part of the action. The only way for change to happen is if more people become involved and do what they can. The job might be seem small, but every little bit counts."


Be a Part of Something
That Will Last

"Working on the Democratic Primary in March, and the runoff in May, has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done at DCDP. It’s really rewarding to see hard work pay off -- and finding election judges, clerks, and polling locations for more than 300 precincts is extremely hard work. But it all came together, and we had a really smooth runoff on the 27th."


My Fellowship with DCDP
Shaped and Changed Me

"I cannot tell you how many ways the fellowship has shaped and changed the person I am today. Through my fellowship, I learned the ins and outs of campaigns and elections, met candidates for different offices, made lifelong friends, and even gained a mentor along the way."


Interested in Politics? 
Join me as a Summer Fellow

"I was a fellow with the Dallas County Democratic Party in ’13 and ’14. Being at the office every day and recruiting election workers helped me understand what goes into running an election from the ground up. Everyone with the least bit of interest in politics should join the Dallas County Democratic Party as a fellow this summer."


Welcome Our New
Field Director Jess Weldon

Jess is a homegrown Texan who started organizing in 2012, when she walked into a field office to volunteer and never left.

She has since organized at neighborhood, city, state, and national levels.


A Family Affair at Earth Day Texas

Visitors to our booth got to learn more about our work in the community, spin a wheel to win prizes like bumper stickers and candy, and take pictures with our beloved cardboard cutout President Obama.


More than 130 Dems Enjoy 
Our Best Burger Bash Yet!

Dallas County Democrats came out in droves for our annual April Burger Bash to share burgers, drinks, and games with us.

We had a great time celebrating our incredible Democratic elected officials, including Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who drew our “Turning Texas Blue” T-shirt raffle winners.


Dallas Democrats Welcome Next
Lt. Governor Leticia Van de Putte

We had a great time welcoming Senator Leticia Van de Putte to Dallas, part of her statewide bus tour.

More than 120 supporters crowded our headquarters to say they're on Team LVP.


Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Election on Your Primary Ballot

Dallas County Democratic Party leadership will be on your Democratic Primary ballot in a few short weeks. Both party chair incumbent Darlene Ewing and challenger Heath Harris were featured Sunday morning on "Inside Texas Politics". 

You can watch the January 12th video online here

Welcome Our New Executive Director Taylor Holden

The Dallas County Democratic Party's new executive director is now full-time on the job. Taylor Holden, from Blanco in the Texas Hill Country, went to St. Edward's University. She spent years volunteering on campaigns and in 2012 worked for President Obama's reelection as the North Texas Regional Field Director, primarily in Dallas County. Her work on various campaigns, with the Democratic National Committee, and with Battleground Texas, left her with a firm belief in the power of grassroots organizing and the importance of coalition building within and across communities. 

When she was recruited for this task last year, she said "Dallas County became my home last year during my work for the President's reelection, and I can't wait to come back. There is incredible progressive work taking place in Dallas, and I am excited and honored to be a part of it. Together, we're going to engage our supporters and expand our base through voter registration and education, and run grassroots programs that tap into new communities that make Dallas County great. We're going to keep our county blue and we're going to have a great time doing it."

Former DCDP Chair Bill Howell, who has been filling in at the office as Interim ED until Taylor became available, said "I am downright delighted to pass on this position to such a positive person, of apparently inexhaustible energy, and with astonishing ability to inspire activism. She's going to help us make the candle of Dallas County Democracy burn brightly enough to illuminate the entire state with an intense blue light."

Taylor can be reached at the party office, or by email to Exec AT

Voter ID and Winning in 2014

You've heard the news.

You know the Republican's disenfranchising photo Voter ID law was ruled to have "strict unforgiving burdens on the poor". You've heard from one of their own Dallas organizers that "the Republican Party doesn't want black people to vote".

By now, you likely know that Wendy Davis had to sign an affidavit to early vote, using her own amendment to the 2011 photo Voter ID law, because her name on her photo ID did not exactly match her voter registration. Greg Abbott, champion of the terrible law, should thank Wendy Davis for that amendment because he'll have to sign a affidavit stating he is who he says because his ID and document don't match.

Now the Dallas Morning News reports one in seven voters in Dallas County does not have matching information and that number is likely to climb. It's outrageous that these voters are being challenged and of course, it disproportionally impacts women. Voters should not be frustrated by the process and decide it's not worth the hassle.

Because of the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act, and despite the fact that the photo Voter ID law is being challenged again in federal court, it is the law for now. If the courts don't stop it, we can. We do so by putting a Democrat in the governor's office and electing more Democrats to the Texas Legislature. 

The Dallas County Democratic Party is already working to win in 2014 and we need your help. We must pay for staff, phones, Internet, precinct chair trainings, voter registration and education and so much more.

Will you support the DCDP today by becoming a sustaining member with a monthly donation of $10 or more? Or make a one-time contribution of $30 or more and we'll send you one of our new Turning Texas Blue T-shirts (see below) as our thank you gift (shipping included) .

Keeping Dallas County “blue” costs nearly $190,000 annually and we sincerely appreciate every dollar! Your donations will help us do even more for Dallas County in 2014. 

DCDP Hosts Dallas Premiere of "American Winter"

Hundreds of North Texans crowded the Angelika Film Center Monday night for the Dallas premiere of "American Winter", the latest documentary from award-winning documentary filmmakers Harry and Joe Gantz about the social safety net and the future of the American Middle Class. 

After the screening, Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Darlene Ewing moderated a panel featuring filmmaker Harry Gantz who traveled from Los Angeles for the event, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and UT Southwestern and Children's Medical Center pediatrician Dr. Glenn Flores. 

The film portrayed eight families who were devastated by a death in the family, or bank-breaking child's illness, job loss or home foreclosure. Others worked full-time minimum wage jobs, and still struggled to afford necessities like food and electricity bills. 

All panelists agreed the American minimum wage is subsidized by tax dollars for SNAP and other social services and believe a living wage would lift the American economy. 

Judge Jenkins and Dr. Flores spoke about Medicaid expansion, mental health treatment and how we all pay for the highest cost last-resort emergency room care for uninsured through our insurance premiums and property taxes. 

"Do something," Judge Jenkins urged the audience as the panel closed. 

Calls to action from the panel included calling your elected officials to tell them to support a living wage and the American social safety net and helping fellow Texans get enrolled with health insurance from the Affordable Care Act in person with application assisters from Parkland (214-590-4900). 

"American Winter" will be shown next spring on HBO. Watch a YouTube preview of the film below:

In case you missed it, KERA TX's 90.1 "Think" show spent an hour on the film and the subject of the American Middle Class a week prior to our screening. The KERA show is podcasted and is available here, and here

Dallas County Democrats Say, "Adios, Rick"!

Rick Perry announced that he won't run again for governor. We bid farewell to Governor 39%, Rick "Oops" Perry, and wish him well after 2014, when he'll go back to that ranch.

We decided to throw a little party themed and entitled Adios, Rick. We had cake, drinks and party hats at the headquarters. More than 70 attended and sang a song of celebration (lyrics online here), marking a beginning of the end of Rick Perry's terrible legacy. 

Local broadcast news stations including KDFW, KTVT and WFAA turned out and we were written up in The New York Times and Texas Tribune.