Operation Blue

Operation Blue is a new project centered around voter registration, getting out the vote in the May 6 Municipal Election, sending out vote-by-mail applications and following up with those voters to make sure they've received their ballots, and resisting Trump and the Texas GOP. 

Voter Registration

The deadline to register to vote in the May 6 Municipal Election is April 6, so we are on a time crunch to enfranchise as many voters as possible. We're forming at team of Voter Registration Coordinators who will plan voter registration drives across Dallas County to meet our weekly goals. By working with other groups, such as non-partisan organizations and Democratic Clubs, we hope to make these events successful. Additionally, individuals can host voter registration drives in their home neighborhoods, and we can send folks your way!

Contact: Sid Browhow - sid@dallasdemocrats.org 

GOTV for May 6

Voter turnout is critical for our Democracy, and increasing Democratic turnout is important for our future success. We need your help to get Democrats out to vote in the 2017 Elections, so they'll be ready to fight with us in 2018 and beyond. Through blockwalking we will be able to make voter contact and build relationships with the community. We need people like you to start conversations with voters about their concerns and engage with them on the issues. This is how we get citizens out to vote. This is how we win.

Contact: Zach Bullard - zach@dallasdemocrats.org

Vote-By-Mail Program

Too many voters are disenfranchised simply because they can't make it to the polls. Vote-By-Mail serves as an important tool for many seniors, and we are working to ensure that they receive their mail-in ballots. We are sending out thousands of applications around the County, but we will need your help to call these voters and confirm that they have received and sent back everything necessary to get a mail-in ballot. 

A successful absentee ballot program is crucial to winning any campaign. Dallas Democrats will be phone banking and talking to Democratic absentee voters and encouraging them to return their ballot for the Municipal races.

Contact: Chris Nguyen - chris@dallasdemocrats.org

DCDP Resistance

Resistance and civil disobedience in 2017 requires intersectional solidarity and community organizing. An attack on some of us is an attack on all of us. We have to stand united and fight all forms of oppression during Trump's Administration.

Your Dallas Democrats have compiled a calendar of local and statewide events, hosted by our allies and other organizations that are working to resist the Trump administration and Texas GOP leaders. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for new events.

It is important to remember that these events are not strictly hosted by Democratic clubs/organizations; sign up for our Roundup for a weekly email blast that includes upcoming Democratic events.

Contact: Tessa McGlynn - tessa@dallasdemocrats.org