Meals on Wheels

Mayor Rawlings recently spoke up about poverty in Dallas, remarking, "It's hard to make a living in Dallas." Folks all across the city and county are struggling to make ends meet and even just to provide themselves with a nutritious meal. This problem is exacerbated for the elderly and individuals effected by illness or disability. While our Democratic elected officials are working hard in Austin to address the institutional barriers that these Dallas residents face, we wanted to see what we could do here at home to help, so we're teaming up with Meals on Wheels!

On Thursday, July 27, we are delivering meals to those in need around Dallas County. Please arrive no later than 10:15 am at the VNA Haggerty Kitchen - 1440 W. Mockingbird Lane. We will check-in, as a group, and then be escorted to the community room where we will hear the Meals on Wheels – What to Expect overview.  (~20 minutes).

A couple of points to remember:

- Make sure to dress comfortably!

- Plan for at least an hour and half for delivery (this is average time)

- Bring cash if anyone would like to purchase Meals on Wheels blue bags for delivery ($2.50 each).  These bags are for convenience, no mandatory purchase it required. The bags will allow volunteers to deliver and not have to return the coolers that the food is originally packed in.