Committees / Precinct Chair Matters

Committee Chair: Erica Cole
Regular Meetings: 2nd Wednesday, Every month

The Precinct Chair Matters (PCM) committee’s operational responsibilities are to recruit, train, energize and retain qualified Precinct Chairs.  The PCM members are representatives from a Neighborhood within Dallas County who assist and guide Precinct Chairs in the performance of their duties.  The PCM committee coordinates with the Advisory Council and functions as a task force at the discretion of the County Chair.  Efforts to increase voter turnout are through building teams with other Precinct Chairs and partnering with Party campaigns, including Coordinated Campaigns, to support candidates at the House District level. 

Precinct Chair Matters Committee Members 


Full Name Phone # Precinct
Robert Alonzo, Jr. 214-329-3397 4035
Erica Cole 214-321-1159 1059
Linda Coleman 214-333-4356 4068
Connie Cook 330-465-6259


Eyvern Edwards 214-339-0525 3092
Rollin Gary 214-739-3358 2020
Paul Heller 972-620-1703 2305
Jonathan Maples 214-868-5760 4016
Loretta Reed 214-868-1442 3614
Camile White 972-288-5369 1093

Bylaws of the Precinct Chair Matters Committee 

Name: The name of the committee shall be the Precinct Chair Matters (PCM) Committee with representatives from a Neighborhood, a collection of precincts in a designated geographic neighborhood or suburb within Dallas County. Representatives from each Neighborhood shall be known as PCM Coordinators.

Description/mission/Purpose: The Precinct Chair Matters (PCM) Committee is to serve and meet the needs of Precinct Chairs. The PCM Committee’s operational responsibilities are to: (1) recruit and train Precinct Chairs; (2) energize and retain qualified Precinct Chairs; and (3) assist Precinct Chairs and activists increase Democratic voter turnout. PCM Coordinators assist and guide Precinct Chairs in the performance of their duties and equally important convey the status and concerns of Precinct Chairs to the PCM Committee Chair.

Values: To mutually support one another and work collaboratively as a team to achieve the Committee’s goals and objectives. To respect one another and demonstrate high ethical standards. To have fun assisting Precinct Chairs achieve their goals.

PCM Committee Framework: The PCM Committee is comprised of the PCM Chair, Vice Chair and PCM Coordinators.

PCM Chair and Vice-Chair duties: The Chair and Vice-Chair of the PCM Committee are elected by a majority of Coordinators at the first business meeting of a calendar year during odd-numbered years (2015, 2017, etc.) or when a vacancy occurs. The term of office is for two years. The Chair and Vice-Chair are responsible for organizing, building, and strengthening the Committee.

Duties of the PCM Chair are to:
- lead monthly PCP committee meetings
- recruit PCM Coordinators with recommendations from PCM Coordinators and the Advisory Council
- appoint Coordinators to the PCM Committee
- partner with Coordinators in planning and conducting Precinct Chair training
- partner with Coordinators, the DCDP Field Director and DCDP Fellows in planning “Get Out the Vote” activities within a neighborhood
- meet quarterly with the DCDP Chair and the DCDP Executive Director and provide committee updates and future plans
- provide updates to the DCDP Chair for announcements, and possible recognition of Neighborhood teams, at the County Executive Committee meetings.

Duties of the PCM Vice-Chair are to perform the above duties if the PCM Chair is unable to perform these duties.

Duties of the PCM Coordinators: PCM Coordinators are appointed by the PCM Chair and serve for an indefinite period of time. Coordinators may be precinct chairs or activists. Coordinators have voting privileges on the PCM Committee. Duties of the PCM Coordinators:

- Attend at least 50% of PCM meetings
- Attend at least 75% of County Executive Committee (CEC) Meetings
- Encourage more experienced precinct chairs to mentor new precinct chairs
- Provide training for Precinct Chairs and keep track of the training
- Recruit for any Precinct Chair vacancies that occur in their neighborhood
- Contact Precinct Chairs before elections (ascertain level of commitment of Precinct Chairs)
- If Precinct Chairs are inactive, encourage an activist in the precinct to file for the position
- Meet at least yearly with their Precinct Chairs
- Help with precinct logistics (walk lists, call lists, organization)
- Report to Committee on certain issues, as requested by the Chair

Meeting Rules: PCM Committee meetings are informal and maintain a constructive decorum. Only members of the PCM Committee have voting privileges.

Minutes/Reports/Work Products: The Scribe will prepare minutes of all regular meeting and distribute them to all members of the Committee and the DCDP Executive Director and Chair. At a minimum, minutes will include date and time of the meeting, motions made the vote for/against each, the members attending, and any others attending. In the absence of the Scribe, the Chair may appoint anyone attending the meeting as the Scribe for that meeting.

Meeting Logistics/Meeting Frequency – The regular meetings of the PCM Committee are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Party Office. Meeting Announcement - PCM Committee regular meetings will be announced via the Yahoo Group email list. Meeting Cancellation – In the event a meeting cancellation is necessary, an announcement shall be made to the Yahoo Group with as much advance notice as possible. If there is a short notice, extra efforts should be made (telephone calls) to conduct members to avoid an unnecessary trip. Cancellations should be rare.

Precinct Chair Training: Precinct Chair training will be conducted at least quarterly and/or as needed. Coordination with Democratic Clubs is encouraged to increase Precinct Chair participation.

Voter Activation Network (VAN): Voter Activation Network training will be provided on a regular basis.

Updates to the PCM Committee Bylaws: Updates to the PCM Committee Bylaws will be sent to PCM Coordinators via the Yahoo group 25 days prior to voting at a regularly scheduled PCM Committee meeting. A simple majority of those attending the PCM meeting is needed to approve changes to the PCM Committee Bylaws.

Bylaws adopted on 9/9/2015 by the PCM Committee.