The Committees of the DCDP provide recommendations regarding formal policies, programs and procedures to the Advisory Council for the activities of the Party, and monitor implementation of these adopted recommendations. The Executive Committee and Chair may also create ad hoc committees as needed to provide recommendations regarding policies not within the purview of a standing committee. An example of an ad hoc committee would be the Rules Committee formed in 2009 to review DCDP party rules and make recommendations to help streamline the organization. The chair of each standing committee must be a Precinct Chair, and the members of each committee are accepted by the committee chair as Democrats having knowledge or expertise related to the specific committee and a commitment to the principles of the Democratic Party.

Committee Chair Meetings
Financial Affairs David Bradley As needed
Financial Audit Currently inactive As needed
Information Technology Jim Burke As needed
Precinct Chair Matters Chad Crews 2nd Wednesday, Every month
Strategic Planning Bill Howell As needed, 1st Mondays
 Candidate Recruitment Committee Carolyn Morris As needed
Diversity Committee  Frances Rizo 2nd Tuesday, Every month
Advisory Council  Rev. Fred Lewis 1st Thursday, Every month