Meet One of Our Communications Interns: Laura Gumz

June 28, 2016 | By: Laura Gumz

My political journey started when I was a sophomore at Lake Highlands High School and I joined the Lake Highlands High School Young Democrats Club. Two years later I was elected president of the club and began working as a field fellow with the Dallas Democrats. Now, I’ve come back to work with the Dallas Democrats as a Communications Intern following my first year of college at The University of Washington - Seattle.

I am studying political science at The University of Washington, with a potential focus on international security. I am a member of the UW Young Democrats Club, volunteer with an organization promoting literacy among elementary students, and a radio DJ with a focus on female vocalists.

I look forward to spending my summer learning more about the role I can play in promoting progressive values through political action and participation. I am passionate about building a more inclusive, accepting, and thoughtful community in Dallas and the country as a whole. I believe the Democratic Party is the only party that supports people from every ethnicity, economic level, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. I’m excited to learn more and to be an active participant with the Dallas Democrats!