Interested in Politics?
Join us as a Summer Fellow. 

June 2, 2014 | By Fatai Obasuyi

I was a fellow with the Dallas County Democratic Party for seven months in 2013 and 2014, before I returned to school. During my time with the Party, I helped get ready for the 2014 Primary Election by contacting elections judges and clerks. Being at the office every day and recruiting election workers helped me understand what goes into running an election from the ground up.

Throughout my time at the Dallas County Democratic Party, I also met a multitude of people. As a member of of the team, I was introduced to many important people in Dallas. When I returned to school this past semester I was able to make real world connections with a good amount of people I worked with last fall. By doing so, I in turn expanded my network.

I feel like everyone with the least bit of interest in politics should join the Dallas County Democratic Party as a fellow this summer. The Party needs your help and you’ll learn more than you can imagine.

Join me as a fellow this summer with the Dallas County Democratic Party. To apply, email taylor AT Applications will be accepted through June.

We can’t wait to work for the Democratic ticket with you this summer!