DCDP Helped Confirm that 
I Want to Work in Public Service

June 20, 2014 | By Alex Day

As the Communications Intern for the Dallas County Democratic Party, my responsibilities included tracking news stories, engaging with the Dallas community through social media, and formulating campaigns to educate the public about issues that affect them. I became an expert at researching issues that affect Texas families. I came away from the experience a much more aware individual. I gained skills that have benefitted me in my professional life as well as my academics. Most importantly, it helped me realize that a career in public service is what I want to pursue after graduation.

My favorite experience with the DCDP was meeting Wendy Davis at the Senate District Convention for my district. The crowd was so energized and engaged in the process; it really cemented my understanding of how important voting and being involved in elections really is. The excitement in the room was palpable, and I really saw a huge part of the Dallas community come together to fight for a candidate that will do her part to fight for each and every one of us when she gets elected.

The best part of being a member of the DCDP team is the sense of family that you get there. After only a few short months working with the team, I came away feeling as though they weren't only co-workers or supervisors, but instead were my friends. They've helped me time and again to learn from my mistakes and become more equipped for a field where I will be constantly engaging with the electorate. I really value that sense of togetherness, where everyone helps each other out when they need it. DCDP truly is a family.

I encourage you to join the DCDP as a fellow. To apply, email taylor AT dallasdemocrats.org. Applications will be accepted through June.